How do we innovate a world that thrives and works for everyone?

The COVID pandemic has turned everything on its head.

Our legacy institutions from supranational down to municipal bodies seem frozen, the existing business models and operating procedures of organizations have become obsolete, our way-of-working and previous ways of earning and spending are impermissible, previous models of socializing and entertaining are stymied, travelling and eating out are no more possible. Everything that we have taken for granted for decades has been disrupted!

And we have no clue what new is awaiting us.

Innovation struggles to provide the answers humanity is looking for. Yet, we keep looking in the wrong places for new discoveries that can alter the arc of our personal, organizational and collective destiny.

We are leaving ourselves behind.

Innovate the SELF
Innovate the WORLD

The good news is that each one of us can shape the destiny of humanity.

Within each of us resides the capacity for boundless innovation.
However, to unleash our infinite creative potential and take on the greatest challenges of our time, we must first undergo a radical expansion of consciousness, both at a personal and collective level. So that we can harness the immense potential that tools, methodologies, technologies and systems offer us.

We must become Being Innovators


The Subtle Art of Unleashing Boundless Innovation

Use the timeless blueprint laid out in this book to become a Being Innovator and unleash your innate creative potential. Uncover the faculties of innovation of the 5 layers of awareness, and walk the nine steps of the Innovator's Journey to access the realm of innovation legends.

Available also in Italian

Meet the Authors

Fabio Salvadori

Fabio Salvadori is a coach who helps individuals, teams and organizations awaken their inner potential for innovation. He is a restless creative thinker who has spent twenty years in the tech industry, creating innovative services and products across different sectors, which earned him an Italian national award for innovation in 2007. His natural fascination for the elusive mechanics of human creativity pointed his exploration inward to find the spark that can make anyone an innovator. Fabio loves short poems, long conversations and dried mango.

Sujith Ravindran

Sujith Ravindran is a contemporary mystic and a serial author. He helps leaders, institutions and movements in the social, political and business domains access unforeseen realms of awareness and fulfil their true reason for existence. He is the founder of the World Fellowship of Conscious Leaders through which he today brings over 40 years of scholarship in spiritual sciences to contemporary fields, for which he was awarded the honour of Ambassador of Peace in 2012 by the Council of Assisi, Italy. Sujith sees life as a prototype and likes to fiddle with all aspects of his day-to-day living. He loves hot peppers.

Elliot Leavy

Elliot Leavy is the former editor of the technology and innovation magazine MAIZE and editor of culture magazine BOZO. Through interviews and working with the likes of tech investors, CEOs, and Oxford academics, Elliot has a holistic understanding of the tech world today and tomorrow. He has also written for numerous publications across the globe focusing on politics, belief systems, and culture.


“Indulge yourself with this book to become a better leader, innovator and above all human being to help improve the world in a more foundational way.”

Youi van Geest

Co-Author of Exponential Organizations

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